Cold Room PUF Panels

We have already mentioned that we are making and supplying the cold room storage, along with that we have engaed as Puf Slab Floor Cold Room Manufacturer Ahmedabad. We are making the standard ranges of the puf slab flooring in the cold storage for the extra benefits of less power consumptions. Additionally the puf slab floor cold room is proficient in saving the fruits and vegatables from the damages causes by the creepy-crawly and rats. Our Puf Slab Floor Cold Room is doesnt requires any kind of maintenace, very durable and moiture resistent as it is specifically created with this functionality. This cold room is avilable with us at the nominal cost price so you can easily get from us.

Special Features of Cold Room PUF Panels

  • Proficeint in protect base
  • Standard in quality
  • Very much durable