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We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Water Chiller from Ahmedabad, India. This system works by pumping cool water throughout the building. Automated valves at these terminal devices or cooling coils provide the air temperature control. The heat absorbed by the water is transferred to the outside air through cooling tower. The main function of the chilled water system is to transport the cooling fluid from the chillers, to the load terminals and the back side of the chillers to maintain the space comfort. As the water is used in chiller as its secondary refrigerant, the heat from the water is removed by the chiller, which is then circulated through other components to absorb the heat from the space. Water Chiller systems include both supply and return piping in a closed circuit, that way they are sealed from the atmosphere and don’t require extensive chemical treatment to control contamination and corrosion in the system. The water then further is cooled by the chiller and supplied to cooling coils or heat exchangers where it cools the air by absorbing energy. Once the water is heated it is returned to the chiller to begin the cycle again. The water is cooled in the chiller; absorbed energy is transferred through refrigerating cycle to water circulating in the condenser system and is subsequently transferred outside the premises.

What is Water Chiller?

Water Chiller is a machine which is used to remove heat from a liquid via a vapour – compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. The liquid is then circulated through a heat exchanger to cool equipment or another process stream. Industrial Water Chillers are perfect solution for hot, humid and dusty environment. This chilled water is used to cool and dehumidify air in mid to large size commercial, institutional facility and industries. A water chiller is rated between 1 to 1000 tons of cooling energy. The Industrial water chiller is used to move heat from one location to another. It uses water or glycol solution to transfer the heat from the chiller which may require the process chiller to have reservoir and pumping system.

Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturer & Supplier

In the final process of refrigerant’s journey, the mixture of saturated liquid and vapor travel through the evaporating tubing. The warm air is blown across the evaporator, where its heat content is transferred to the boiling refrigerant; this is a latent heat gain to the refrigerant causing no change in temperature. In this cycle the last molecule of saturated liquid boils off at evaporator outlet, which is connected to the compressor inlet. Therefore the vapor at the inlet of the compressor is saturated and the cycle is over. Industrial Water Chiller manufactured by Enggtemp are manufactured keeping in mind every process and designed by experts who have excellent knowledge in this field and with use of latest technology to provide most accurate solutions to the clients. We make sure that whole cycle continues in the way it should until the refrigerated space temperature is satisfied and the equipment cycles off. We are happy to help you provide custom designed water chiller to meet the requirement of the industries. Pharmaceutical companies, plastic production and concrete batching are mainly the companies where water chillers are used. Industrial water chillers are been developed specifically according to their application.

Industrial Water Chiller Supplier in Madhya Pradesh:

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Industrial Water Chiller in Maharashtra:

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Industrial Water Chiller in Rajasthan:

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Different kind of Wate Chillers & their Specifications

Centrifugal Chillers

This is a Water-cooled chiller, use only one compressor sometimes two for exceptionally large capacity. It is used in places where there are medium to large cooling loads. Capacity control is possible through speed control and vane guides.

Turbocor Chillers

This is an Air or water cooled chiller, used in all cooling loads from large to small buildings. In this one or more compressors are used, staged and speed varied. Capacity control is done through speed control and vane guides.

Reciprocating Chillers

This is an Air or water Cooled chiller- not commonly used due to outdated technology. It is used in places where there is small to medium cooling load, common in simple low cost refrigerators. Capacity control is done through compressor staging or cylinder unloading and speed control.

Scroll Chiller

This is an Air or Water cooled chiller, which is used in area where there is small to medium cooling load. In Scroll Chiller one or more compressors, fixed or variable speed, staged or speed control is provided. Capacity control is done via momentarily separating scrolls with solenoid valve and electronic modulation

Screw Chiller

This is an Air or Water cooled chiller that is used in places where there is small to medium cooling load. Screw Chiller uses two interlocking rotating helical rotors to compress the refrigerant; capacity is control is done via speed control or slider.

Absorption Chiller

This is a Water Cooled Chiller that is used in places where there large cooling load. Absorption Chiller is a machine used as heat source to generate chilled water rather than electrical source that is used in vapor compression cycle.

Uses and Advantages of an Industrial Water Chiller

Industrial Water Chiller is used in large commercial building where there is substantial amount of requirement of cooling, as water chillers are cost effective and it is risk free. Water Chiller by Enggtemp is designed specifically for Industrial purpose. Industrial Water Chillers are used in various applications, suppliers of air treatment solution to the industrial and commercial sectors. Reciprocating water chillers are used in piston-type positive displacement compressors which are found where there is small and medium building, centrifugal chillers are most commonly used in commercial water chiller and are found in places medium and large capacity system is required and absorption chillers are found in places where large capacity system is required, use of water as a refrigerant and steam cause a water lithium bromide solution to separate it. These are the best solution for hot humid and dusty environments. These chillers combine advanced features that include saving energy and sophisticated microprocessors.

Advantages of using water chiller :

  • Industrial Water Chillers are non-corrosive, has a specific heat value, non-toxic and inexpensive.
  • These chillers usually don’t need replacement as often as air cooled chiller.
  • The machines are quiet while operating, particularly important in environments such as hospitals and schools, where disturbance is caused due to noise.
  • Machines are energy efficient; the film coefficient is 10to100 times better in water cooled chillers transfer heat efficiently, this saves energy cost of the business.
  • Water Chillers require minimum space as it stay inside the buildings, this makes it ideal for companies that don’t have access to enough outdoor space.
  • Water chillers are safe to use as water is used as refrigerant instead of toxic chemicals, this makes it safer than other chillers.

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